Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Cute As Can BEE Full size digital scrap kit

Hello friends,long time no see.

I planned on this kit being a small sized kit,however,my creative juices started flowing and then i just couldn't stop.

I made only a Full size kit and because i couldn't stop creating this very fun theme,i have made 4 separate folders,so that you can download each one at a time.

Hope you'll enjoy and create many awesome designs.

Please feel free to email me your creation/creations i may just post it here on my blog.

This kit is copy righted to Mersija's Majestic Design.

Do NOT steal my creation and make it your own.

Please let me know you downloaded and what you think.

Click on each of the previews to download the whole kit.

Sorry if you missed this kit,it will be uploaded in my store here within the next few days.